Structure-Function Relationships of Integral Membrane Proteins

BR bilayer

Hartmut "Hudel" Luecke
Department of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
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(Preliminary) Textbook:

Membrane Structural Biology: With Biochemical and Biophysical Foundations 1st edition by Mary Luckey published by Cambridge University Press (2008) [Hardcover]


Syllabus [.doc]

Lecture 1 [.ppt]

Reading assignment for lecture 2 (X-ray) [.pdf]
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Reading assignment for lecture 4 (Intro) [.pdf]
Lecture 4 [.ppt]

Weird WIRED column [.ppt]
Lecture 5 (aquaporins) [.ppt]
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Homework [.ppt]

Reading assignment for lecture 6 (ADP/ATP carrier) [.pdf]
Lecture 6 (ADP/ATP carrier) [.ppt]

Lecture 7 (porins & gramicidins) [.ppt]
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Membrane protein PLAY bei G. v. Heijne [.pdf]

Lecture 8 (microbial rhodopsins) [.ppt]


Sample questions for midterm [.doc]
Midterm [.doc]

Actual midterm [.doc]


Lecture 9 (Round microbe seminar) [.pdf]


Lecture 10 (Prof. Francesco Tombola, UC Irvine: "VSP voltage sensors") [.pdf]


Lecture 11 (Feb 15: 11_Ceyda & 10_Joon)


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